You have probably heard of the name Hessy, a name that is now feared by many gang members. Notorious thugs have been gunned down for the past few months after being warned by Hessy.

The thugs are believed to emerge from some of the slums in Nairobi among them Kayole and Dandora. It seems things are changing from the usual extra-judicial killings after six minors were arraigned before a Murang’a court charged with being members of an illegal group.

The six were arrested on Friday at Mukuyu market in Murang’a town after a huge outcry by residents who complained that they were being terrorized by an illegal gang.

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The minors are suspected to be members of the Gaza gang that is known to cause terror to residents of some estates in Nairobi.

Mukuyu residents have accused the gang members of breaking into their homes during day times and mugging them at night.

The suspects however did not take pleas as the magistrate ordered that they be remanded at Murang’a police station until June 21 when the case will be mentioned.

The Magistrate said

“Kesi bado haijaanza, Kiongozi wa mashtaka nasema kwamba nyinyi muendelee kukaa korokoroni kabla hii kesi haijaanza kwa sababu nyinyi ni waalifu na mnasumbua watu kule nje na mmeshikana kama kikundi ambacho kinaitwa gaza.”

He continued to say

“I will first of all require an age assessment….This is sufficient time for the parents to provide us with details of the birth certificate and any other documentation that might be required.”

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This followed an application by the prosecution to be given more time to complete their investigations.

The prosecution also said they needed more time to conduct medical assessment on the suspects to establish their ages before they are formally charged.

The prosecution also asked the court to deny the minors bond as the gang they are suspected to members of is dangerous and thrives on intimidating residents, and that they may interfere with witnesses.

Mwichigi however said he will rule on the bond issue when the case is mentioned and ordered the suspects’ parents to produce birth certificates in court.