Richest local singer Akothee has told off rich men, who are planning to slide in her DM.


The mother of five, who’s known for her flamboyant lifestyle, says she’s is not interested in rich men.

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Akothee, who has worked her way up, has told any man interested in her to be ready to accept her with her children.

“Please am not looking for a rich man I have seen it All! If you are rich and looking for a woman please pass me ! I am not your target market ! I don’t want any ! Am not searching but a man who respects a woman and a mother will have me in wholesale am😂😂😂 coming as a package! So work your arse out to be a family man! I don’t know the meaning of romance till my children are full and asleep then we can talk 🎗🎗🎗ain’t looking for fame nor wealth ! Just affectionate,” she wrote on social media.

In another post, Akothee revealed that she was single leaving her fans wondering what happened to the relationship with her rumored manager-cum-bae, Nelly Oaks.

“Bae is nobodies bae I am very single! Not searching but mingling with the society #calpolis I am a very social person, I talk to the talkable but very selfish for advantagers 😂😂,” read Akothee’s message.

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Has Akothee decided to settle down finally?

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