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Kwani madem wa Kenya waliwafanyia nini? These two Kenyan artistes might be proving that Kenyan ladies need to give their “A” game. Is it coincidence that these two are falling in love with the same lass? They call her Diana Elizabeth Michael or Lulu, the woman who made Bahati publicly confess his love for her. And guess who else is on the list?

Mombasa’s finest artiste Dazlah, the Kidekide hit maker is head over heels in love with this actress cum fashion designer. Diana Elizabeth went on to turn down Baha’s love which made him look for another Diana…..-Diana Marua-

Mke Mwema!!! 5 Reasons Why Diana Marua Can Make A PERFECT Wife For Bahati

Now that Bahati is out of the list Dazlah has decided to take over where Mtoto wa Mama left off by confessing the unending love he has for this lass.

This is the sexy lass driving Kenyan men crazy;

Bahati Will Cry In The Toilet After Seeing These Latest Photos Of ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ Lulu Looking Sexy

Talking to a Tanzanian blog, Dazlah revealed that he is able to do anything only to get to be with the love of his life Lulu;

“Lulu ni mtoto mkali sana  kama leo nikibaatika kukutana nae ama awe kwenye mkono wangu yani naweza fanya chochote kuhusu mawasiliano kwakuwa nimekuja Tanzania huenda ikawa ndio njia ya kuonananae”

Lulu was however linked with the death of her ex and late boyfriend and movie star Steven Kanumba. She was later declared NOT GUILTY for the charges.

What can we say but to wish Dazlah all the best in the struggle to finding his love. In the meantime, check out his hit song Kidekide;