Nation Media Group business editor Wallace Kantai has decided to call it a day after working with the media house for six and a half years.

Speaking to Mpasho on the phone, the journalist said he will be leaving at the end of the month, adding that he just felt the need to move on.

“I chose to leave because you can’t be in one place forever. The fact that it was coincidental to all sorts of other things that are going on in the company is just that, coincidence,” the business news anchor said.

Wallace also downplayed rumours that his exit from the media house on Kimathi Street was because he didn’t see eye to eye with the top brass.

“The disagreements with my bosses, if any, are the normal ordinary ones. In a working environment you will have very good relationships, the next day you’ll have a major argument, the day after that it will be a minor one and then the next day you will have lunch together. That’s the way work is,” he added.

However, Wallace, who debuted a new talk show in March with Larry Madowo, was mum on his next move, saying it’s not at the stage where he can make it public.

Listen to the audio below.

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