Rich kids are slowy taking over Kenya.

They are lucky to be born into wealthy families and a common child cannot compete with them Afterall what does a poor/common child have to show off? Rich kids of Kenya are known for their flashy lifestyles; from driving expensive toys, studying in some of the most prestigious schools especially abroad and even flaunting millions in cash on social media. But, for Sean Andrew, former president Mwai Kibaki’s grandson, this is not what defines him.

They Own What You Can Never Afford! Meet The Most Famous Rich Kids Of Kenyan Instagram (PHOTOS)

Sean is a humble rich kid. Never has he ever flaunted his wealth on social media despite coming from one of the top 10 richest families in the country. Unlike his counterparts who brag alot, thrive on controversy and make headlines for all the wrong reasons, Sean Andrew is calm and collected. The young lad knows what he wants in future. He is currently studying at United States International University (USIU) along the Thika Superhighway.

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Afew weeks after breaking up with his sexy Youtuber girlfriend Elodiezone, Sean has landed a new job. He is currently working with a top fashion label SARAKAY designs. Sean Andrew is modeling for Sarakay and he posted a photo just to show us that he is indeed happy after the breakup and he got a new job. Here is his post

Sean Andrew Kibaki