Singer Mercy Masika is smack in the middle of a spiritual debate after she dressed in tight trousers in church.

Zealots, heaters and pharisees came out with pitchforks to lynch her for her fashion decision.

Mercy posted on Facebook a photo of herself and her mother performing at a Donnie McClurkin concert and instead of people seeing the beauty of the mother daughter duet, they only saw her hip hugging black jeans.


Anyhow, Mercy posted, “Such an honor sharing the same stage with my mom. So humbling. #WorshipWithDonnie.”

One of her mother’s fans reminisced, “Your mum (Agnes Masika) came to Jkuat in the early 90’s with your dad to preach to us when we were students. She sang and your dad preached so well that, that day has remained in our memories to date. I also bought one of her album then and it was a great blessing to my life. I thank God to see her again here with you as her daughter, a testimony that she passed to you the best that God gave her.”

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Here are some of the reactions from fans.

Scola Wafula: you are very right Marie Wa Shosho,,the bible didn’t state anywhere ati trousers are for men n skirts/dresses are for women, if that was the case, y is it that in the same bible we read that King David was in a skirt,, let’s not get things wrong n use petty issues to criticize others,,

Pilate Mwai: if it to glory the word of God let it come from our inner hrt with holy and let our mod of dressing show the glory of living father lastly en not the list diff btn stage an alter.

Meliza Langot wrote, “Wea does u words stand here in your song….. kuvaa kwangu na kunena kwangu sikupendeze????? I’m so disappointed in you Mercy.”

Joseph Diehard: Siku za mwisho makanisa yatakuja ya uongo na ulaghai, ndio nayaona sasa, kama kanisa wanawake na wanaume huvalia trousers!!! Infact ladies wanafaa kufunga vichwa vyao kwa kitambaa wakiwa kwa madhabau, someni biblia na muwache kumuchezea Mungu

Eunice Mbatha: I 100% agree with you….there are pple who criticize everything so long as it’s good. I just thk she was not even ready for the performance labda it’s her mother who requested her to join her. My thought though…

Browne Mfalme: tell them ukweli unauma and I am not against them kuvaa trouser coz it’s a disease already but they need to respect the altar of God

Kris Ole Kamau: Stop fooling around,hiyo trouser bado ni mungu anaabudiwa,siku yenu itafika

Nancy Kangai Mukuru: So people who wear trousers will never inherit the kingdom of heaven? It depends with your relationship with God. Kanisa ni roho ya mtu not your physical appearance.

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Marie Wa Shosho: Show me in the Bible where men used to wear trousers and ladies gowns????????You pay a lot of attention to petty things like dressing while you hearts don’t have a place for God……. People disagreeing with this, tell me if in your church a prostitute dressed in a kitenge would lead the praise and worship team compared to the way mercy masika is dressed, na Kama angekua na skin tight,si you could have hit the unfriend……ooooh ushers of the heaven, you’re not yet there.

Jacque Kiio: Pple are complaining yet God hasn’t complained. The hubby is a man of God he didn’t complain her family too. Wats wrong with people?mind your own business and let her be. And if you are holy than her be the first one to open your mouth and blame her. Nyinyi niwale watu from monday to sato you are wearing all sort of cloths zingine hazieleweki and Sunday mko church wearing better than bibi wa pastor. Nkt atleast she doesn’t have to pretend she is her from Monday to Sunday.

Ansie Mukami: please mind your dressing once your given a chance to stand on the altar mercy

Wairimu Nyar: What’s wrong with her dressing you Pharisees… She is descent period!!!

Anniz Kithome: Nobody is perfect and let’s stop judging others why don’t we look at the positive side. I prefer wearing trouser and worship God in truth and in spirit i can as well wear skirts and dresses and still worship God truth and in spirit. Mercy has not shown any nakedness and atleast she is doing something in the kingdom of God. People like Joyce Meyer wear trousers and when she preaches you can feel the anointing, I also so Sinach and still her songs are very powerful, people like women of faith wear trousers and their music still touching. Do you know why they ain’t hypocrites and they don’t do anything to make any Human being happy but they are serving the God who called them. So before you criticize ask yourself with all that goodness you have why didn’t God choose you it’s because God was looking at their hearts. Remember singing is a talent but worshiping God is a calling.

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