vicmass luodollar

“Gini alando pile pile bende uwinja?[nang’o?]/
Bank otuch jowadwa bank otuch[UH?]/
Bank otuch wuod nyaboro bank otuch!/
Gini alando pile pile bende uwinja?[eeeh]?/
Gini alando pile pile bende u winja?[nang’o]?/
Bank otuch jowadwa bank otuch[UH?]/
Bank otuch wuod nyalego bank otuch!”

This is the song that is currently dominating the local airwaves. Isn’t Vicmass Luodollar a talented singer?

Born and bred in a humble background from Nyanza, Vicmass has not had it smooth growing up. He was not born with a silver spoon. The young lad has worked hard to push his way up. From nowhere, he is has risen the ranks to become one of the top artistes Kenya has produced. He is talented and creative. Unlike his counterparts who sing nonsensical music, Vicmass has given the Kenyan music industry a different perception.

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Recently, Vicmass shared a story explaining his life experience leaving his fans emotional.

“Before i was this smooth,this woman together with her husband Denis Lang’at saved me,when life was sewage,from Nairobi to Emali,Makueni county[Ukambani].
First day they gave me three sodas,three bottle of water and biscuits to sell,at Emali Buspark.

Second day this woman added me a stock worth ksh.500 and she urged me to believe in GOD that one day i will be rich and my music will be big.
I used my second month savings to record the original audio of bank otuch song in the year[2014] among other audios. Whatever moved me to even invite them for my Churchil interview last week ,is,she is kamba and her husband is kalenjin and am luo,they helped me without asking which tribe i belong,i celebrate them,they are part of this journey to Beverly Hills. NOTE:”When you help its not your duty to let the whole world know you did” GOD bless the entire family of Denis Lang’at.
And my GOD is watching this year am flossing,” read his post accompanied by the photo below

Vicmass Luodollar

But all the hardships he went through prepared him into who he is today. Well, below are photos of Vicmass (when he was still a hawker) before fame and money that everyone is talking about.

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Vicmass’ Bank Otuch video has been nominated in the Pulse Awards under the category of video of the year and he is hopeful his fans will translate the social media likes into votes. He has also released a new track, Asante Sana which has so far been received well amongst his fans. When contacted for an interview by Mpasho, Vicmass said that he is unavailable for now as he is in studio putting in work after work and will be available in February next year.