No situation is permanent! goes the Kenyan adage.

We have seen many local celebrities rise from nothing to something and comedian Jemutai born Stella Bunei Koitie is a great example.

The Kalenjin born comedian, who shot to fame when she appeared on the popular TV program Churchill show, has won the hearts of many.

Jemutai always leaves us in stitches whenever she graces the screen. Her jokes are full of humour. Did you know that she was the late Nicholas Biwott’s favourite comedienne?

Kalenjin’s Best Kept Secret! Sexy Photos Of Churchill Show Comedian Jemutai Surface

The witty comedienne is known for her long skirt, checked oversized blazer, rubber shoes and a headscarf (basically, representing a typical Kalenjin woman) signature dress code.

Jemutai comedian

Well, did you know that whenever she is not on the screen, Jemutai is a fashionista? She never disappoints when she steps out.

Jemutai, who believes in hard work recently advised her followers to never give up in life and keep on pressing hard.

“Wait and see what happens if you don’t give up.”

Below are her latest photos that prove that money is good.


Jemutai comedian


Jemutai comedian


Jemutai comedian







Jemutai comedian

Jemutai’s photos have left many mesmerized and here are the reactions

Samuel: Is this photo a Photoshop ama is exactly you the madam energizer we know kwan uliamua?

Jepaya: Beautiful…I like the way you are so proud of your body..natural beauty!

Joyce: Very beautiful

Sigei: Go go girl… Remember you those times in mgt… You were so funny..look at you now ma😊 Jemutai

Hillary: Kumbe you are black beauty na vile Unakuanga mama mzee

Charity: You are such a beauty to behold, those comedy clothes make you look old