Has the gospel music industry become too materialistic? Let’s ask Pitson, the guy who hit us with an amazing song that is Lingala Ya Yesu. So, in the lyrics of this particular song (which indeed catapulted him to become the biggest gospel artiste in Kenya) Pitson said: “Sio lazima utoboe kila pahali ndio msanii usikike… Sio lazima magari ya kifahari ndio video ishike…”

But what do we see when we look at all these so called gospel music videos? Isn’t it all flashy and top notch grandiosity? Isn’t it that all we see is gospel artistes trying to show how materialistic they’ve become? What happened to all the modesty Pitson was singing about?

The videos we see nowadays from Kenyan gospel artistes are shot in posh hotels with big and glittering state of the art vehicles and the artiste is all there to show how his/her dress code is on point. Lots of bling-bling and even loads of bank notes flying around. Where is all the modesty? Where is the inspiring, spiritual message in all that.