Teresia Ndoti Wambui, better known as Kush Tracey, has revealed she silently battled depression before joining the gospel industry. The ‘huwezi nidandia’ singer’s switch to gospel came as a shock to many.

Kush Tracey

In an interview at Radio Jambo on Friday, Kush Tracy said:

last year I was super depressed and even got to a point where i was contemplating suicide.

She said her depression came from not having true friends.

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She said:

I was in many situationships and friendships which were not helpful because most of them were after my money and fame.

Kush Tracey 

Kush said her mother was never a fan of her secular songs.

She said: “Mama yangu alikuwa ananisisitiza kuwa nyimbo ambazo nilikuwa naimba hazikuwa zinanistahili’

This translates to:

my mother always told me i was singing inappropriate songs.

Kush said her mother helped her get through her darkest days. She said:

my mum would pray for me, encouraged me every single time. She was there for me when I felt like everyone was against me.  

Kush’s tattoo

Kush added that she regrets partying too much while she was in the secular industry.

I’ve done and said things that I am not proud of. i regret being the party animal that I was.

She also noted that many of her fans expect her to get rid of her tattoos but she won’t.


She concluded by saying:

i knew i had to change because God has been great to me. I want to use my voice not to drive them away from God, but rather bring them closer to God.

Kush, who now identifies as a gospel artist has released her first gospel songs termed ‘God is on control.’

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