Betty Kyallo

Imagine if you would that you’re a young media personality trying to make your way in this big world. You would naturally turn to the vets for advice aye?

And chances are you will take whatever they tell you as gospel truth right? Well, that’s precisely what Betty Kyallo did when she found herself in that situation.

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She was just starting out as a news anchor and sought advice from her peers and the veterans she respected and some of the advice she received was that she should drink whiskey and smoke to make her voice sexier. Why lie though, I love a husky female voice.

“I was told that whisky would make my voice husky and that smoking would make it deeper. But of course these were never an option for me.”

But this was advice she elected to ignore because they go contrary to who she identifies as. But the rest of the advice was:

“James Karani (former KTN anchor) convinced me to take yoghurt before going on air to make my voice softer. I do not know if he was being serious or playful because I ended with my mouth being full of saliva. I had to pause and swallow in between sentences while reading news,”