Yesterday the much-anticipated debate went down. Four presidential candidates turned up for the debate apart from the fourth president Uhuru Kenyatta who was nowhere to be seen.

Wueeh! Hilarious Reactions To President Uhuru Failing To Attend The Presidential Debate

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga carried the day. The former PM who is likely to win the presidential seat in the coming general election which will be held in a few days time, left Kenyans praising him after he highlighted various things he was going to do for the citizens of this nation.

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Invest heavily in low-cost housing that will be affordable (reduce rental charges) create job opportunities, help the youth and women access revolving funds were among issues Raila addressed.

“Single mothers. These young ladies are having serious problems bringing up families. We are going to pay special attention to these groups so that they can be able to access capital so that they can be able to look after their children properly,” said Raila Odinga.

Many were happy with this and curvaceous media girl Grace Msalame has praised the NASA flag bearer for planning to do something for single mothers. The single mother of twins took to social media to ‘endorse’ Raila and who knows, he might be the next president of the republic of Kenya.

grace msalame

The single mother of twins took to social media to ‘endorse’ Raila and who knows, he might be the next president of the republic of Kenya.

“Thank you for showing up tonight Mr.Odinga! Just that act spoke volumes to us voters & thank you for speaking to us Single Mother’s?? GodBless you for that?? And now the Onus is on Us!! #DebatesKE #August8th”

Msalame’s sentiments were echoed by many and here is what Kenyans had to say;

Sayo: I would like this post a million times infinity!God appoint a leader for us Kenyans!RAO2017

Riri: I pray that y’all vote wisely.

Sarrrika: Him showing up has already spoken volumes by showing us the difference between a real leader and a person who is just simply boss. Great respect Hon.Raila

Mercy: I was among the undecided voters.BT right now I know where to cast my vote.

Charles: Thanks and big respect to Mr.Odinga for his mature talks,well us we Kenyans let show respect, confidence and peaceful elections to our land Kenya

Jackeline: Much respect for the people of Nation of Kenya

Kadogo: And his closing remarks were just on point..thank you for showing.You did what was right for Kenyans even if it meant standing alone.God bless you

Kevin: Baba you’ve indeed showed up to answer our questions… Thanks, I will show up too in the morning on nane nane to vote for you overwhelmingly

Joel: It means you are ready Mr Odinga to deliver us from the soaring inflation, you have spoken very well over disturbing issues, bravo!

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