After Kenyans went up in arms over a salacious stand-up set was aired on Sunday’s show of Churchill Live, the morality cop, Ezekiel Mutua sounded the alarm. Ilibidi Churchill ampigie waonge. Here are the details of that phone call.

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Ezekiel Mutua explained, “I have received a call from Mwalimu King’ang’i this morning regarding the unfortunate episode of the Churchill Show last night. He has apologised and taken full responsibility and requested that I pull down my post.I do so in good faith and in reciprocity for the mature manner in which he has handled the matter. I do so because I believe people make mistakes and learn from them.”

This is the post.

Ezekiel Mutua

The Kenya Film Classification Board Boss cc’ed the top dogs in media like Linus Kakai (NTV), Dr. Harun Mwangi (Media Council of Kenya), Francis Wangusi (CA), Joe Mucheru – CS Ministry of ICT, Jackson Kosgei- Chairman KFCB, MOA, KUJ, Charles Kerich – Editors Guild of Kenya.

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He continued, “We all know the contribution of Mwalimu King’ang’i in developing talent in Kenya. We salute him for his outstanding contribution and hope that he will use last night’s blunder to rebrand and make Churchill Show the family program it’s supposed to be. All programs airing between 5am and 10pm should be suitable for family viewing. Churchill Show is not any other program. This has been the top stand-up comedy show in the region for years. It’s a family show that builds talent and brings laughter to our sitting rooms. To allow the pathetic adult jokes that have come to characterize it lately is unfortunate. While at a personal level I accept the apology the Board will pursue this matter to ensure the mistake is not repeated and will mete the necessary sanctions on the Show. Our message to you Churchill is simple: You are talented. You are a mentor to many. Mungu amekutoa mbali. Please don’t use your talent to corrupt the moral values of our children. Give us clean content.”

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