I already know that he is balling. I happened to see his bank balance one day as we hosted The Big Scoop.

Anyway, I was recently at the chiropractor’s when I happened upon an interview Shaffie had given a while back. Before that some background. No, not on how I injured my back.

Shaffie Weru is living the life. That is evident whether or not you know him. From owning a fleet of top of the range vehicles to dressing in the latest designer wear:

Like A Boss: Check Out Shaffie Weru’s High End Shoe Collection

Check Out Shaffie Weru’s 400,000/- Watch And Find Out The Amazing Story Of How He Got It


Check Out The Multi-Million Shilling Car Collection Radio King Shaffie Weru Owns! (PHOTO GALLERY)


Anyway, Shaffie isn’t too shy to enjoy his wealth whether or not you pay attention to the fact. That often leads many to the question of;

“Just how much does Shaffie Weru earn?”

Well, today we reveal that. Drumroll please!


Shaffie salary1


Don’t bother checking that picture out. The light exposure was off. I couldn’t help it, I was drugged up with all the painkillers I had to take. I tried again later after they’d worn off and voila:

Shaffie salary

For those of you who cannot see, Shaffie Weru said and I quote:

“I’m among the top 15 highest paid media personalities. I get alot of money. It’s jackpot money! I can give you a ballpark figure -I do not earn as much as the president but I get more than MPs.”

According to the Daily Nation, President Kenyatta is entitled to a maximum annual pay is Sh19.8 million, according to the Salaries and Remuneration Commission.

The 349 Kenyan MPs earn a basic salary of about Ksh8,880,000 each per annum. When allowances are added, their pay easily rises above KSh 12 million per annum.