Being a celebrity is the last thing one can wish for. It comes with a lot of challenges and demands. You are seen as a role model and you need to always be on top of things. Celebrities are always criticized based on the way they dress leave alone singing nonsensical music and making controversial headlines.

When it comes to fashion, most of our celebrities try. They always have cameras on trailing them wherever they go and this means they have to be at their best when it comes to dressing, since they never know when the paparazzi cameras will catch you out. Well, yesternight, Kenyan celebrities attended the PMVA event that went down at Serena Hotel but not all dressed to kill.

‘Looks Like Badly Packaged Bloody Meat,’ Kenyans Savagely Attack Former Radio Presenter Neomi Nganga

Neomi Nganga was among the worst dressed. She is the laughing stock of the town. But that aside. Several artistes both male and female dressed to kill. They spent money and time to shop for the best. If you missed it, here are the best dressed Kenyan celebrities at the Pulse Awards

  1. Macharia Mwende
Mwende Macharia
Mwende Macharia (L)

2. Betty Kyallo

Betty Kyallo

3. Timmy T-dat

Timmy Tdatt

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4. Femi One

Femi One

5. Cate & Chris Kirwa


6. Owago Onyiro

Owago Onyiro

7. King Kaka

King Kaka