Kenyan artistes

For the longest time, Kenyan artistes have been shortchanging themselves by quoting very little cash when they are contracted for gigs. And the promoters take advantage of them, a good one.

Nigerian artistes don’t play when it comes to money. You will find that they are paid four times more than Kenyan artistes when they bid for the same jobs and the corporates will not tell you. They appreciate the cheap labour.

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Here is a list of how much Nigerians charge for performance fees. This list is from a while back so the fees could be higher with the current inflation.

P-Square – 6m

Dj Cuppy – 1.5m

Korede Bello – 1m

Olamide – 2.5m

DammyKrane -500,000

Mr Eazi – 1.5 million

Flavour – 3 million

Phyno – 2 million

Tiwa SavageTiwa Savage – 3.5 million

2face – 3.5 million

Olamide – 4 million

D’banj – 4 million

Davido – 5 million

Wizkid – 5 million

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Now check out how much Kenyan artistes are charging for shows.

King Kaka – 250,000

Avril – 150,000

Timmy T Dat -250,000

Otile Brown – 150,000

Gabu – 100,000

Mercy Masika – no fixed charge. Bei ya kungea because she performs with a band.

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Uhuru And MbusiiBahati – 500,000

Willy Paul – 250,000

Bruz Newton – 100,000

DJ Sadiq – 150,000

Kush Tracy – 70,000

DJ Ruff – 50,000 to 100,000

Hart The Band – 200,000

DJ Malika  – 40,000

Mbusi and Lion – 100,000

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