Tanzanian socialite-cum-model Hamisa Mobeto, alleged to be Diamond Platnumz’ side chick, recently gave birth to a boy leaving many speculating who the baby daddy is.

Hamisa Mobetto

Many have been speculating that  Majizzo, the father to her first child is the one who fathered her second born while others think that Diamond Platnumz is Hamisa Mobetto’s  baby daddy after a rumour surfaced that Zari busted them.

Zari Uko Wapi? Diamond Platnumz Alleged Side Chic Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Boy

In September 2016, Hamisa is said to have crossed all the protocols that pertain to staying away from committed men/married men and spent a night in Zari’s matrimonial bed with Diamond, while his wife was away in South Africa.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan

The mother of five went back to Tanzania and to prove rumors that Hamisa and her husband indeed had a fling, she took to social media to expose the two and even blasted Hamisa who had left behind her earrings.

Zari Goes Berserk After Finding Earrings Left Behind By Diamond Platnumz’ Alleged Chips Funga

Well, Hamisa’s new born baby already has an Instagram account which is run by her and his username is Abdul Naseeb_Tz, which is Diamond Platnumz’ official name. Just like the Utanipenda hit maker’s son with Zari, Hamisa’s child is also called Prince Dully Dee.

Hamisa Mobetto

This has ignited mixed reactions among social media users and just the other day, a man came out claiming that he sired the baby boy with the Tanzania model.

AQ: Zari thinks marrying Diamond will stop him from cheating ☹️☹️news flash, there is more baby mama yet to come

Omari: Lord I beg you teach zari a lesson shut her mouth let this child be a Naseeb for real🙏🏾🙏🏾 humble her in Jesus name.

Val: Sometimes private love is the best all these public displays of affection is not real love. When they were in Mombasa they were overcompensating by trying so hard to prove to the world how much they live each other and showing off while deep down they were just trying to cover up or hide this new baby.

LadyG: I’m finished! Thank you Hamisa for slaying us and burying us. Petty levels on overdrive!

Tasha: What’s the use of someone claiming you on public and disrespecting you in the low no loyalty some of y’all need to chill .. cause who gives a shit about a damn title. That so called Zari whatever she’s getting is the taste of her own medicine 😂 what goes around comes back around that’s what we call karma and that karma ain’t finished with her yet I promise you😘😂

Sophy: The thing is the more you dislike zari and praise Hhamisa it makes her think she is some hero and that it’s ok to be an unclaimed baby mom. Besides diamond is always throwing jabs at Hamisa every chance he gets 😂😂

Khid: Lol, He’s still got space for two more women, isn’t he a Muslim and both women are Muslims

Millicent: And she still posting her photo with Diamond, it makes her look so desperate, actions speak more launder than words. If she can’t see this game which going around I feel for her.

Who is telling the truth?

Diamond and Zari are yet to address the issue.

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