We all have that one favorite piece of clothing that we can’t go a week without wearing it. Some tend to associate it with good luck and whenever you’re going to a meeting or something else, you would rather wear it for positive results.

Well, comedian cum radio host Felix Odiwour is among the few celebrities with a signature dress code. Jalang’o is known for his animal print trademark blouse.

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 Jalang’o has for the first time opened up about his popular trademark blouse leaving many awwed.
Jalango's blouse

“About this shirt.. I only have 1..ok about this blouse! First it is made of shiphon…is that the right word? So we were acting at the national theatre and I was late to change and get into my next scene so I picked anything to just wear….I picked this blouse that belonged to Arigi…everyone laughed when I got on stage….as they say the rest is_______________?,” read his post on Instagram.

Here are some of the comments from his followers:

Bellaayoti: For the rest is a blessing. God wins

Lucy_smallqueen: Kwani haizeeki and incase it does have you ever thought of having another

Sabina_ince: And that’s what we call money maker… look after it.. actually I can send you a frame so you can frame it..

Joseodish: It’s your identity, treasure


Mikemwiti_kenya: Brings out the comedy in you Jalas

Magoti: Lol the magic shirt/ blouse

Wenny_matekwaIi:  Shirt ni brand kivyake heavy j baba

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Earnestnyaga: And this blouse made you famous…#papa Shiradula….ikakupeleka kiwango kingine…bravo for good job Mr. Jalang’o

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Wanguipetty: Hata nikiona madam mwenzangu na blouse kama hii huwa nauliza unapeleka jalas wapi

Avugwi: Chiffon ,trade mark imekubali jalas

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