Celebrities and pblic figures are just like us sometimes, clumsy.

When we trip and fall, no one pays us mind. But when they do trip and fall they make headlines.

One lucky celebrity who was spared that fate is Julie Gichuru. The former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo saved the media personality’s life and social media credibility.

Julie Gichuru revealed this during an interview with Janet Mbugua on her weekly vlog.

“So Citizen, we’ve just had this tough interview with Kabogo in 2013. And I was seated the whole time with my legs crossed and I had not realized that I had pins and needles. So when I stood up at the end of the interview I literally fell.”

Julie continued, “And Kabogo had the presence of mind to literally check if the cameras were on and grabbed me before I hit the ground big time.”

Julie Gichuru

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Laughing Julie said that Kabogo’s swift move literally saved her from being a viral meme and subject of a much talked about video if the incident had been broadcast.

“It would have been another story and thank you Kabogo for catching me,” she said.

We have compiled a list of celebrities who have tripped, fallen down and gotten hurt badly.

Nyota Ndogo

Nyota NdogoCoastal based singer Nyota Ndogo was recently left embarrassed after she had a misstep and fell on the escalator at the Nairobi SGR terminus. She was in the company of her husband and she revealed that people laughed at her after the incident.

“Baada ya kuanguka pale SGR nairobi na mabagi yangu nikachekwa mpaka nikaskia kulia.yani mashabiki walinicheka huku wakinipa pole. yani zile ngazi za sithima nyoko yani Leo zimeniaibisha kishenzi. but hata sijui nilikua nafkiria nini kusimama na mabagi mawili yani Leo nimejiona sijui vipi. After tripping and falling down at the SGR terminus, my fans laughed at me. Yes, they helped me up but they couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. I don’t know what I was thinking carrying two bags on the escalator.”

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Dr. Eddie


Dr Eddie underwent surgery after he fell from the fourth floor of his apartment building.

Speaking to fans at the hospital, gospel singer Jimmy Gait announced that the producer is in need of money for the surgery, urging fans to come together and raise the funds needed to settle his medical bill.

“I’m here in hospital with Dr. Eddie, he had an accident yesterday. He feel off from 4th floor and by God’s grace he is here.We are so thankful to God that he is here, however he sustained some injuries on his hip and we need to get his to the surgery room and we are appealing to everyone to please come and help us get him for surgery. We need money. We need to raise as much money as we can.”

Dr Alfred Mutua

Alfred Mutua

The bridge at River Gucha collapsed a while back as Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua and Kisii DG Joash Maangi stood on it.

Some reports indicated that it caved in as they took selfies while others said the Governor had bent to check the depth when the incident took place.

They were with several people who accompanied them to a inspection of road projects in Ogembo town.

Mutua and Maangi were pulled out and rushed to Ogembo Hospital in Kisii County in an ambulance.

The Governor dismissed the report about selfies.

“I have been baptised by River Gucha and now I must build a house in Gucha,” he said, as reported by Radio Citizen.

When called by the Star, he said he was safe and that he was having lunch at Maangi’s home.

“The bridge caved in after a crowd of those who accompanied us joined us,” he said.

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