We all know Wakanai aka Big Poppa especially if you are a fan of Classic 105. Wakani is one of the biggest fans of the celebrated Classic 105 Breakfast Show hosted by#MainaandKing’ang’i which commands a cultic following among Kenyans.

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Wakanai, who regularly calls in to the show to respond to the morning conversation, is never afraid of speaking out his mind. He has managed to gain both ardent fans and haters due to his controversial views on the hot topics discussed on the morning show on Classic 105. His comments always leave women mad at him. Well, today Maina Kageni introduced Wakanai to the online community leaving many wagging tongues.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Wakanai… Big Poppa Pumping…. Daddy Wa Murio!!!!! Kari kii!!!! Tundu wa kii!!!! Kinako!!!!!” he posted accompanied the photo below

Wakanai Kenya


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Eiish! Wakanai is well fed. Yeye hapana tambua upus, women you can keep on writing on social media all you like. Haitamkondesha. Here are more photos of Wakanai, go through