The year 2016 has not been a fair year for KTN’s news anchor Joy Doreen Biira.

Towards the end of November, Joy was arrested and put in police custody in Uganda (her home country) alongside her husband for allegedly “abetting terrorism”.

However, they were later released after spending at least 24 hours in police custody.

MAOMBI YENU ILIFIKA! KTN’s Joy Doreen Biira RELEASED From Prison, Charged With Terrorism (PHOTOS)

Barely a month after the harrowing experience in Uganda, misfortune seems to be following her like Twitter.

In the evening of December 23 this year, the KTN business newscaster parked her sleek Mercedes Benz worth Sh2.8 million at the parking lot of the Standard Group headquarters along the busy Mombasa Road in Nairobi, where she works.

A few hours later, she realised her car keys were missing from her desk where she had placed them upon arrival. She hurriedly made it to the parking, only to find her Benz missing.

Joy reported the disappearance of her automobile at the Industrial Area Police Station in Nairobi and the police launched investigations.

Joy even placed an advert on a local daily promising a handsome reward to anyone with information that would lead to recovery of her stolen moti!!

MSAIDIENI PRIS! KTN’s Joy Doreen Biira Offers HANDSOME Reward After Her SLEEK Mercedes Benz Got Stolen (PHOTOS)

The investigations led the police to Kisumu where they found the car days later after it’s disappearance. It’s licence plate numbers had been changed. The only occupant in the car was arrested.

What has left many tongues wagging is, the suspect, Aaron Ochieng, is Joy’s workmate at the media house.

In fact, the guy is her senior at SG. He is one of the most popular journalists in the country and is also one of her editors at the media enterprise.

What is not yet clear is why an editor allegedly stole from his junior and dissapear for days. Is there more than meets the eye in all this?

MWIZI SUGU! Joy Doreen Biira’s Workmate At Standard Group Arrested In Kisumu In Possession Of Her Stolen 2.8 Shilling Mercedes Benz

Now see the photos of Aaron Ochieng the prime suspect below: