Larry Madowo

NTV’s Larry Madowo has been on the lips of many for the better part of this year.

The eligible bachelor has been under pressure from his followers to get married and recently he revealed that he hasn’t yet found someone who deserves him.

“I haven’t found somebody who deserves me and who can keep up with me coz I’m a handful,” said Larry Madowo in an interview with Jeff Koinange.

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But recently, Larry Madowo who’s in Europe on holiday shared a photo with an identified woman many speculating that she was the one warming the jovial presenter’s bed.

Larry Madowo

Check out the reactions

Heather Grace Waruhiu: We’ve started boiling potatoes and gathering big sufurias in the village. Firewood is piling up for the big day as Larry Madowo ameonekaniwa

Stacy Chebet: Some photos should come with painkillers,😝😝😝😝😝

Gilbert Elan: Finally she is here. Lazima ni daughter wa father Christmas huyu

Joe Raffian: Look..finally Larry got his rib after loitering in Europe for a month

Calvin Okoth: Its good you had to travel all the way from Nairobi, to Barcelona, to Manchester, to London to find your better half. It was worth the trips. Dont waste this chance

Dbeyo: We thank God for the Christmas miracle. Merry Christmas

Wakanesa: Finally!!!!;

Samtundi: Larry Christmas comes with a nice Chic

Keithshilisia: Kumbe miracles hazikuenda na yesu, congratulations man

Edycom: Ngombe hatuwezi lemewa kuchanga jamaneni..let’s nyumbani sasa

Mishonoapparel: Finally Larry!! Though Iv been crushing for a while

Sabencia: Santa Thanks for granting my wish for Madowo

Kebwagezephaniah: Finally Munguamejibu maombi. Good

S.O. Nyangah: Larry you’ve just sparked a debate here😂😂 now wait for keyboard robots to give you ‘relationship’ advice as if they are experts

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Lilly Kish: Our God never sleeps, finally He answered your prayer. Congrats

Peter Otieno: Last time you posted when you were at the school of wizardry. It’s now evening and you are wearing all black. I know what you are planning to do at night��

Sam Addidja Azim: I knew December wont end b4 i see a mirracle, I was almost doubting my pastor, I think this was the mirracle ��

Loice Anyango: Larry is looking at that girl like she is some Christmas chicken ready to be eaten, ..Merry Christmas lakini,.finallry umefungua macho ya ndani ukaona

Ann Anirr Kamau: Larry round hii usituaibishe,usiache something trending in her stomach n’ then upotee,like u did to the lady who was harrassing you!

Otac B Lucaso: The lady was more worried of the aftermath when Kenyans will see this pic than the occasion itself. At last,the trips have paid now.karibu nyumbani sasa

De X Lexx: “Am in Paris , am in Berlin, harooo from New York , Look who’s in Greece !! ” ALL these will end with “Look who is pregnant? ” na nimeenda! Nu-uh

Ronoh Kipz: I am not good in Reading body language but I can understand your wide smile… As a man, iyo smile ni ile mtu uweka wakati dem ameingia box, na kwa haraka zako, mikono imetembea mpaka golgota mahali wezi wawili walikua wamewekwa kwa msalaba, alafu dem naye na maswali ya ujinga anakuuliza, “Larry, mkono inafanya nini hapo???”, and you are like, hehhe, hjddjdsjwkiekkalshsh,, rrrrrrah papapa… na iyo smile sasa..