Life is what you make it to be. If you choose to YOLO all the years of your life that’s your choice, if you choose to be a God-fearing man/ woman well and good, in the end, you will reap what you sow.

So be wise. Joy Furaha popularly known as Kawira who acts as a naive girl from Gakoromoni, Nyeri County is among the few celebrities in our generation who have chosen the right path.

She has decided to follow Jesus unlike many who rarely pray leave alone going to church.

From Grass To Grace: Here Are The 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Papa Shirandula’s Kawira

Married to a pastor, Kawira seems to be enjoying life in Christ and has no regrets.

If she is not entertaining Kenyans on the popular Papa Shirandula TV comedy she is busy ministering to the people of God and transforming many lives.

Kawira, the lady who leaves us in stitches whenever she graces the screen has been giving her counterparts a run for their money ever since she joined the acting industry.

Her clean image has earned her major deals with top corporates while her counterparts are struggling to make ends meet.

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Apart from acting and changing the lives of many, Kawira is a humble and submissive wife to her husband Ephantus Safari.

The young couple is so much in love and this can be evident from their social media accounts where they post photos of each other accompanied by love quotes.

Well, Kawira has once again made a fashion statement after she stepped out in an African print attire (kitenge). She looked gorgeous than before.

See the beautiful photos below.

Kawira Joy


Doesn’t she look great?

Indeed maisha ndani ya Yesu ni tamu—>Nyenyekea Mungu Akutumie! Kawira Of Papa Shirandula Spotted With Those Who Run Kenya

Here are more photo of Kawira…

Kawira Joy
Kawira’s family

kawira Kawira Joy Kawira Joy Kawira_Actress Kawira Joy Kawira Joy Kawira Joy Kawira Joy