Jaguar's Range Rover

Starehe hopeful Charles Kanyi popularly known as Jaguar is in trouble. On Tuesday, a lady driving Jaguar’s Range Rover hit two motorists who died on the spot. Kenyans have come out to call for Jaguar’s arrest demanding justice for the victims family.

2 Kenyans Die Painfully After Jaguar’s Ranger Rover Crushed Them, Eye Witnesses Claim Lady Driver Was BEHIND The Wheel (PHOTOS)

Well, sources claim that Jaguar rushed to the accident scene and “changed” the whole story claiming that he was the one who was driving the car yet eye witnesses said that it was a lady who was behind the wheel. We are yet to get the OB number with the full police statement.

This has left Kenyans with many questions than answers. Why did he have to cover up for the woman?

Jaguar Kanyi

We have searched on e-citizen who the rightful owner of the alleged Jaguar’s car is and according to government documents.

it belongs to a woman by the name  WAMUYU WANJIRU EVERLYNE

The only reasons that could lead Jaguar to “take responsibility” for the road accident could be that maybe the woman who was driving is not the owner of the car.

Secondly, the car was on loaned to him by the owner and he lent it out.

All these are suppositions given rise by Kenyans online.


Here is the screenshot bearing the name of the real owner of Jaguar’s Range Rover Sports car.

Jaguar's car's records