Gospel musician Cannibal the Chosen surprised many when he shifted to gospel from secular at the peak of his career.

The musician has been in the industry for the longest time since early 90s with his debut while still a class 7 school boy.

One would wonder what transpired for him to make such a drastic decision in leaving the industry that built him to become a renowned icon.

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Speaking to Mbuvi on Coffee with Mbuvi, the artist speaks of deep details that connects him with some devilish deeds introduced to him by a Tanzanian man including feeding on dead human flesh unknowingly and sucking his on his blood.

Cannibal started his music journey while still in class 7 and his breakthrough came when he won the Kisima awards while still a young lad in the industry.

For him, stepping into the music scene was not welcomed by his parents who feared for him basing on the immorality and criminal acts that took place at the time.

“My folks walichukulia ni ukora.” He said.

With time he rose to stardom and started making money from music and his parents decided to now fully support his career as it bore fruits.

His music progressed and met the likes of Sharama who they got close and formed a duo making big hits across East Africa.

The duo later on met with a music group called MauMau from Nairobi and and Ukoo flani from his hometown in Mombasa and worked on various projects together.

Cannibal’s life took a different turn when he met up with a Tanzanian guy who was interested in him and Sharama.

The man got hold of Sharama who later introduced him to Cannibal.

With the act of kindness in their hometown, he decided to invite the man over since he was from the neighbouring country.

The man was open and revealed to him that he can be able to fly at night, Cannibal didn’t carry the information with much weight as practicing black magic is not a new thing in Mombasa.

The guy then later on revealed to him that he has 324 demon agents commonly known as majini in Swahili.

Cannibal still did not take the news seriously and dismissed the information.

The artist’s parents then grew curious and like the say curiosity killed the cat that is exactly what happened.

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Cannibal’s mother on one of the evenings was curious and told the man she would like to witness the agents with her own eyes.

With the permission of the man of the house that is Cannibal’s father, he decided to reveal his identity.

The man asked for a clean sheet and garlic and switched the lights off in the sitting room.

He then placed the garlic on his mouth and chewed it, the sound that Cannibal heard he describes it as that of chopping wood then came a strong wind.

The artist then says that the man’s voice changed to that of an old man.

From there things have never been the same as they witnessed unbelievable things.

They started to live with demons in their house as the house was haunted for welcoming the devil.

One interesting part of all this is Cannibal feeding on dead human flesh unknowingly given to him by the Tanzanian man who was stuck in their house.

According to the man feeding on the flesh would make him a big star and to shine in the music industry.

“Kuna vitu alikuwa ananipea na kula ananiambia hii ukila utakuwa msanii Mkali nyota itang’aa.” He revealed. “Kumbe ananipa nyama za watu wamekufa.” He added.

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Problem started when there was a lot of chaos surrounding him.

First he was subjected to poverty as a known artist to the extent of lacking food in the house, secondly he had no shows and would get seriously ill.

This was to him the opposite of what the man had promised about his career.

Cannibal had reached a point where he would communicate with the demons from night time till morning that is 12 am to 4 am.

He was made aware of things beforehand such as his cheating girl friend, who she was with, where and how they were dressed, things that scared his former lover who opted to ditch the relationship.

He would then get seriously sick and when taken to hospital doctors found him to be in perfect shape.

Cannibal said that the demons would suck his blood as he had no strength in his body and couldn’t even eat.

“Hio kitu zilikuwa zinaninyonya damu.” He revealed.

From there his mother met a woman of God who later introduced her to a prophetess who would pray for the family to drive the demons out.

The journey to salvation was not an easy one and he never imagined himself opting for gospel as his choice but with the things that transpired in his life including linking up with a UK based promoter who was in Illuminati and wanted him to make blood sacrifice in order to sign him on international label.

He even narrates a scenario of meeting up with an attractive woman in the club who was possessed by the devil and her identity was revealed when she accompanied Cannibal to church.

From there the spirit of God came upon him and spoke to him and that is when he decided to start a new life in the gospel industry.

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