Exactly a week ago, popular Radio Jambo presenter, Daniel Githinji Mwangi popularly known as Mbusii was rocking the interwebs after photos of him and president Uhuru Kenyatta surfaced.

The drive show presenter wowed Kenyans even more after radiojambo.co.ke shared an exclusive audio and video of what he discussed with Mr. Kenyatta and amazingly he threw in some sheng!

Uhuru And Mbusii


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Known and celebrated for his sheng speaking prowess, the pint-sized presenter revealed that president Kenyatta was amazed by his talent and actually wanted to learn some of the words.

“Sheng sikumfunza lakini nilimfunza mbili tatu juu aliniuliza kijana hizo ni gani, hizo maneno unaleta zimetoka wapi? Nikamwambia zimetoka tu kwa kichwa ni talent ya God so akaniambia akiniita next time nitaenda nimfunze mbili tatu lakini ali nice”, 

So, what are those top 5 sheng words Mbusii, the king of sheng be willing to teach Mr. President?

1. Kuhothloliwa

Of course, it had to be the first word.

There is a common misconception that the word means to “be mugged” because that is what the sound of the word suggests. However, the meaning of that word is so far from what you are likely to suffer when you decide to use a chuom (an alley or kichorochoro for the Swahili enthusiasts).

Meaning Of 10 Words Commonly Used By Mbusii & Lion

Kuhothloliwa simply means “to have a good time.” To put it better in Swahili sanifu, kujivinjari.

2. Kumba Toto Si Totois

This means to touch/hold or love a pretty lady.

That’s where I’ll leave it…Catch the other three words in the video below;

Source: radiojambo.co.ke