Willy Paul is with out a doubt among the most controversial Kenyan personalities of 2016!

However, the singer (whom I personally chose to refer to as just that, with all the pun intended) ‘blessed’ us with some of the most controversial ‘gospel’ songs of the year.

From Fanya to Tiga Wana (with Size 8), Willy Paul showed his mettle when it comes to showbiz.

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Now, over the Christmas period, he found himself out and about, hanging out with all manners of people across every gender.

And being the showbiz guru he is, Willy Paul missed no chance to keep his fans, lovers and haters apraised of his activities.

One of the most catchy photo he posted on his social media pages was this one below with his lightskin ‘girlfriend’.



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He captioned it:

“Merry Christmas from me and my favorite.”

No sooner had he made the post, had Team Mafisi and haters flocked his page with all manners of criticism, ufisi and matusi!!

See the savage screenshots below:






willy-p wily

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