Rachel Marete

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beer-holder. Not until you wake up in the morning and you find yourself staring at a being who almost resembles a ghost. Reason? At the bar, before you chips-fungad her, you did not know that her hair was fake (a wig), she had a bald head, the eye brows, lashes, nails, her light skin and her MASSIVE butt were nothing but a damn ruse.

So, there you are , staring at the four-feet-tall bimbo with a fake accent and you start wondering what type of alcohol you were consuming when you first spotted the groupie social-climbing imbecile. That’s when you start cursing the day you enrolled at nursery school.

“Chips Funga” Leaks Photo Of Sponsor Eating Her Guava

However, nothing beats the feeling you get waking up the following morning and you realize that your chips funga was the real deal. Fine a*s, beautiful natural hair and nails, and you didn’t nut in her coz you used rubber!

How To Deal With A Woman You Pick Up At The Club (Chips Funga)