Being a celebrity comes with both the good, the bad and the necessary evil. You are expected to be a trendsetter to your fans.

You always have to be at your best when it comes to dressing. The latest fashion must be on your must-shop list.

Not forgetting those who apply makeup, your face has to be on fleek, since you never know when the paparazzi cameras will catch up with you.

One has to be extra careful or else, you will be embarrassed and humiliated once a pic of you committing a fashion no, no or walking around with a face without makeup goes viral.

Vanessa Kiuna
Vanessa Kiuna with makeup

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Well, for those who know Kathy Kiuna’s daughter Vanessa, she is one of the local “celebrities” who cannot do without makeup, if I can say so.

She is always dolled up whenever she steps out, but I stumbled upon a rare pic of her without makeup. Do you want to see how she looks like without makeup?


Vanessa Kiuna
Vanessa Kiuna without makeup