Mark Masai

Let’s be honest, most times we don’t watch TV because of content but because of the guy or girl presenting the content.

We even develop crushes and have imaginary weddings and babies with the hunks and hot lasses on our screens.

Well, I am sure the ladies will agree with me when I say, these are the men who make us go home early to make sure we don’t miss these men.

  1. Pascal Tokodi(Actor)


2. Mark Masai (Journalist)

Mark Masai

3. Nick Mutuma (Actor)


4. Lenana Kariba (Actor)


Makeup sio lazima! You won’t believe how good these TV queens look off screen

5. Johnson Mwakazi (Journalist)

John Mwakazi
Johnson Mwakazi

6. John Allan Namu (Journalist)

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