There is a new female radio host in town, and everyone is going bonkers, or is it just me? I’m sure you and I will be in the same boat moments¬†after seeing her photos. Trust me!

Terry Muikamaba, who hosts a late night show on Hot 96 FM, is the epitome of beauty, and I am not just saying this folks. You really need to see this lass!

What I like most about Terry is that her beauty is not her strongest selling point; actually, it’s her brain. Surprised?

Apparently, this beauty holds a degree in Law from the University of Nairobi, and she is currently enrolled at the Kenya School Of Law (KSL). Can you beat that?

The Homeboyz Academy-trained host began her radio career at the age of 17, but briefly put it aside after a year, when she joined campus to pursue law.

After two years in law school, she ‘ditched’ the course in favour of media and communication. However, she went back to UoN and finished the course and graduated in 2015.

There you have it, beauty and brains. Don’t even get me started on her smile.

Here are her photos, ladies and gentlemen. Feast with thine eyes… and you are welcome!

Team Mafisi, I know you’ll take this with a heavy heart, but I thought you should know that this lass is in a very happy relationship. Feel free to throw stones; at me, of course, not at this beauty.

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