Lillian's birthday dinner party

Lillian Muli is aging like wine. The mother of two over the weekend celebrated her birthday with close friends in Mombasa county.

The festivities ranged from the white party events to dinner night, where her friends dressed in black, while she wore a shimmering rose gold dress.

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The sexy screen’s dress was an off shoulder with thigh-high slit designed to fit her curves.

She showed off her sexy cleavage and tender, soft thighs leaving Team Mafisi salivating.

Lillian Muli

Check out the photos;

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The Citizen TV presenter getting ready for her birthday dinner

Lillian's birthday dinner party

Overjoyed Lillian Muli
Overjoyed Lillian Muli

Below are comments from Lillian’s followers;

hepsyboke254 Chakula ya Jared adharani!

muriuki_davis Ukiendelea kuvaa hivyo!! naona ukituita baby shower ingine VIUSASA

appleotieno 🔥🔥🔥

ni_mimi Yaani Jared enjoys these legs alone !! God Is really great !

vin.vinny bradock You’re too hot

msupa_z ❤️❤️cute thigh

adedepaul Aisha Juma hii ndio V8 pliz don’t force yourself

tysonmichael Pretty thighs

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king_baraza Ningekua mzee wako ningelia… But just Mimi Ni fisi, acha nitafune na macho

gathirwaanthony .. Aya for the Bible says in Mathew 5:27-28 THAT if any one gazes at a woman with lust after her has committed adultery with her in his heart..

william.owuor Hizo mapaja ziko soft mbaya,zaniumza

wafunya Thighland

emigeeish Gaddmit those legs 🙌🙌😍😍