Kobi Kihara
Kobi Kihara

Kobi Kihara has decided atatesa on social media for the past few months of 2018.

She has been posting pictures look like a schanck, never aging. If that is not enough, she decided to bless us.

Kobi posted a picture of her and her sisters and don’t they look alike. Crediting her parents for a job well done, she acknowledged the beauty of her sisters.

Kobi Kihara captioned the image:

Look What Alfred & Annie Gave The World~The Beautiful and Amazing Kihara Sisters🌸💕🌸💕

Kobi Kihara recently joined the likes of Wahu and Amani and declared her declaration to God.

She posted “He left the 99….and came looking for me, God is everything 🌸💕🌸💕 #DaughterOfTheKing”. 

Kobi Kihara’s one lady with some serious self-love and she is not afraid to display it.

Kobi Kihara surprised us with the image sharing the beauty of her amazing sisters. Well, be ready to be surprised even more. There are some Kenyan celebrities who are siblings but you can never guess it as they do not look alike the way Kobi and her sisters are representing.

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  1. Bamboo and Victoria Kimani

The two are siblings but very diverse. Bamboo just turned to gospel and Victoria Kimani is making moves as a secular artiste.

2. Rufftone and Daddy Owen

Image result for rufftone and daddy owen


They are very much alike but very rare to spot them together. They are both renowned gospel artiste.

3. Joey Muthengi and Holy Dave

Image result for holy dave and joey muthengi


The two have taken top positions in the media as hosts for various shows. They are both very well recognized in media.

4.  DNA and Tina Kaggia

Image result for dna and tina kaggia


This two found their calling in entertainment. DNA who is an artiste and Tina Kagia who is in Radio.

5. Madtraxx and Dj Stylez

Image result for dj stylez and madtraxx

Code red crew. The two have a strong passion towards Kenyan music. DJ Stylez even taught Madraxx production skills.

Now meet Kobi Kihara and her sisters:

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