Single Mom

Being a single mother is not such a big deal in the current generation compared to the olden days when having a child out of wedlock was considered unacceptable.

But truth be told, when it comes to dating, it can get really tricky finding a man who is genuine and who will accept your child with no prejudice or doubts.

5 Real Reasons Why Kenyan Men Refuse To Date Single Mothers

In Kenya, we have celebrities who are single mothers and are successful. The likes of Terryanne Chebet, Kanze Dena, Anne Kiguta, Victoria Rubadiri, Nazizi, Jacque Maribe and more.

But when she finally finds that one person, she will give her best to make it work. Some men have revealed that they can never date or marry single mothers, but I have found a good number that doesn’t mind dating a single mother and actually prefer them to other ladies.

Well, there may be a few complications when it comes to dating a woman with a child, but don’t let her kid scare you away, she might just be the best thing to happen to you.

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1. Less Drama
Trust me, there is some maturity that comes with getting a child. Her focus in life becomes taking care of that kid to be the best he can be and also become a good example to him/her. Therefore, if she gets a man, she will not have the energy to throw bottles around or shout at the top of her voice whenever they have an argument. She would rather take time off when things heat up.

Single Mom2. They Are Already Great Mothers
Men, isn’t it just fulfilling to have someone who already knows about parenting and is responsible? And especially if she is taking care of that kid, leaves with him/her and tries her best to be the best mother to the child. Having a single mother, you won’t have to wonder what kind of parent she will be, because you can already see what she is doing with her child. Oh and she has given birth. Need I say more.

Single Mom
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3. She Is Independent
Kenyan men are scared of dating women who want to be entirely dependent on them 100% and others who don’t want to work hard for their money, just want it the easy way. Now, here is a woman who is focused, independent and most of all she’s tough. She knows her son/daughter depends on her and they want a good future for them and being the only parent, she has to work extra hard to see that happen.

Single Mom

4. She Doesn’t Fool Around
Single mothers don’t joke around when it comes to dating and are straight forward when it comes to defining what they want from a man. They can’t afford to have 5 boyfriends in 6 months, because of the impact it will have on the child/ren. She does not fool around because she has no time for games and takes her relationships seriously. So you won’t have to worry about her sleeping around.

Single Mom

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5. She Is Honest
A single mother will only keep you around if the relationship is a good thing for both her and her kids. You won’t have to guess if she’s into you because she will not hide her true feelings from you. She will simply tell you if she feels it’s not working out and the last thing she will want to do is deceive you, because she would not want a man doing that to her.

Single Mom

6. Not A Party Girl
Okay, not like partying is bad, but a single mother cannot afford to stay out very late or sleep outside because she knows there is someone she needs to go back home to. She’s no longer a party girl, but a fun night out is still very welcome, just once in a while, or you can do other fun activities that don’t involve staying out late or can be done during the day.

Single Mom

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7. She’s Adaptable
A woman who has gone through the harrowing experience of being left alone to take responsibility of bringing up a child alone, cannot be shaken by anything. She knows that life doesn’t always go as planned and has learned how to make the best of it and more so of her child. So you don’t have to worry about her being over-demanding, if there is not enough, she will work with what is there, this means financially too.

Single Mom

8. She Is A Powerhouse
Single moms are some of the most powerful women on earth because they have stood strong while everything around them crumbled. They have picked themselves up and made something off and for their children and themselves. If you’re looking for a woman you can respect and honor, you will find that in a single mom. They can do it all, but are super-appreciative of a helping hand. And remember to Woo her with kindness and acts of service.

Single Mom


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