chero and RawBeena

Rawbeena a Kenyan artist based in Finland has opened up on why she broke up her long-time friendship with KTN TV host Chero.

Rawbeena claimed that she was financing the fancy and highflying lifestyle of Carolyn Chero Oywa – a.k.a Chero – before things went haywire.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Mpasho the artist said,

‘People who knew me to know that I was close to her.

It reached a point there was so much madharau and I despised them and decide to move on with my life especially when I realized I was losing a lot of stuff and a lot of property .

 I really work so hard so when someone takes me for granted I do not like it.

I don’t do promiscuity, I have kids who look up to me.’

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On whether it is true she has blocked Chero on all her social media platforms, Rawbeena said,

‘Yes, she is blocked from all my social media  pages.

 I feel like if it’s not respectful forget about it if it’s making you lose yourself forget about it.

People who know me know what I entertain and what I don’t.’

Rawbeena added that she was not trying to tarnish Chero’s name.

‘It’s not about speaking badly about her. 

People who were close to me and Chero knew what we were doing.

It however, reached a point we had to go to the police.

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Contrary to what people believe Chero was not my manager rather I was managing her brand, cleaning her up.

There was a time the lies and the disrespect became too much.’

Rawbeena says at some point she realized that she was not making any developments hence decided to move on.

‘After two years of being friends, there was no development.

There was a time I was here for six months and I intentionally said I did not have enough cash to use while here and that is when madharau started.

Her sister even started abusing me.

The last time I spoke to her I told her she was forgiven.’


‘She did a lot for me but it got to a point where nilimchukia na nikamdharau.

Chero tried to evict me from a house I paid for.

One of her friends told me to leave that I was being negative energy.

Luckily for me, I had payment slips to prove that I was the owner. 

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We are NEVER going to patch up things, people would even despise me if I did that.

It’s not that I hate her but the friendship was toxic.’

On what she learned from that friendship.

‘What I learnt is that people will use you and they won’t care.’

Speaking on her new song ‘Kiboko’ Rawbeena says,

‘The song is all about telling people not to listen to critics when it comes to matters of love.

It’s very easy to write about love songs because I know how to love .

Every one loves so it’s easy for me to write such songs.’

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Below is her latest song which she is in Kenya to promote.

Responding to claims of being funded, promiscuity and calling cops on Rwabeena to have her thrown out of the house, the KTN showbiz TV star told Mpasho,

“I don’t want to be part of that story. So, no comment.”

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