Kristoff aka Mluhya wa Busia is a very honest man.

He had an interview at One FM with Cate Rira and he opened up about one night stands. When Cate posed the question on how much he would be willing to spend for a one night stand, Kristoff was not afraid to speak his truth. But before that, his concern was how much he would be paid or he will pay.

I know right?


So he went ahead to defend himself saying that something Cate Rira should understand is everyone has a price. What could her price be? Kristoff was open enough to tell her 1 million looks like her price for a one night stand. In fact, he was ready to go to the boot and give her cash!

do i pay or do i get paid? can i be honest with you? everyone has a price. if I come to you right now and tell you I am giving you 1 million tell me you’ll say no? let’s go to the car kwa boot nitoe briefcase

Well, Kristoff seems like he is one of those guys who will pay for sex (what we are trying to hide by saying one-night stand). The other side of the story is he can also be paid for a one-night stand. You read that right! What has this generation turned into?


Kristoff just released a song, with a reggae touch, Handle it where he is chasing after a girl he spotted. Her friends aka ‘mother hens’ stop her from being in any form of contact with him she eventually ingias box.

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Having a discussion in the office that shocked me on the same topic. This generation is lives for the next one night stand. No more relationships, no more love, just sex. Men are now proud of saying “I had a one night stand” and women are out here saying “I don’t know which one to pick.”

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