Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) are not amused by the fact that Daily Nation put Vera Sidika and controversial Pastor Kanyari on their front page yesterday. This is because earlier this year, NTV did an expose on how he was conning innocent Kenyans.

They were on the same page with World champion Julius Yego, comedian Churchill and singer Jaguar.

Vera Sidika Shows Off Her A$$ Crack, Vaseline Sales Skyrocket [Photo]

Vera Sidika was also called a prostitute live on NTV’s The Trend. Apart from that, a large population of Kenyans do not identify with the two.

Vera Sidika has taught young Kenyan women that they can live a lavish life by using their bodies to find “sponsors”. It has irked KOT who believe that Kanyari is not a real celebrity. Do socialites and con pastors count as celebrities?

Here are the KOT reactions: