Amina Abdi vs Fareed

Capital FM’s breakfast hosts Fareed Khimani and Amina Abdi had a nasty argument which sounded like an altercation. The two did not realize that the mic was on.

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According to listeners of the show, it started with Fareed asking Amina who looked moody what was wrong and it’s from there she started throwing tantrums.

One of the listeners identified as Arif took to Twitter to narrate what transpired.

Fareed & Amina bitterly argued & lashed out at each other LIVE! Fareed dares to leave stating that its not a must that he works with Amina or at Capital Fm. Amina tells him ‘si you leave, we’re not going to die without you, Idiot! ‘Fareed leaves, Amina urges Dj Adrian to play music,’ he tweeted.


It’s no longer #FareedandAmina it’s #JustAmina at #CapitalInTheMorning Fareed and Amina went hostile on each other live #FridayFlight It didn’t end well.

Reactions from Twitter include;

Lazlo What a show this morning… Man, that public falling out/spat between Fareed and Amina was epic. If you listen to the show it’s obvious they’re a mismatch… they’re from 2 different worlds contextually. Fareed is still 🐐 though.

Jano Nyaga Gai Fareed come back!! Don’t leave us again. Amina you checked Fareed’s pay cheque? Sema tu sorry. Fareed come back I apologise on behalf of Amina. I am sorry I am sorry I am sorry I am sorryyyyyy

Samba Mjomba @984inthemorning okey what’s going on …Fareed and Amina were you guys fighting???

Kennedy Otieno Is that on-air fight between Amina and Fareed on @CapitalFMKenya @984inthemorning real or those stunts to get more followers?🤔 The music always dope as ever.

Wanjohi Theuri What was that between Fareed & Amina on air? Didn’t sound like an act.

Kinyua Eric No idea if it was a stunt ama namna gani… Fareed walked out after Amina commented on his pay and something.

Not so long ago, Milele FM presenters also ‘fought’ in the studio.

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