Fellas, how far would you go to test the girl you are dating to see if she is wife material?

That’s exactly what gospel DJ, DJ Mo says he did to find out if Size 8 would persevere and stay with him.

In the drama that unfolded after gospel Dj Mo revealed that he put his wife Size 8 to the test to find out if she truly loved him, alot of Kenyans have gone online to comment on everything he said transpired.

In an interview with Pulselive, the popular Dj is quoted as saying he pretended to be broke, including not having a car just to see what she would do. Remember all this time, the world did not know they were dating because they kept their relationship hush hush.

He moved to a house in Githurai 44, where she had to ruka a mtaro to get to his home. Eish!!

So he used to take her to the kibanda, she cleaned his house and did so much more. Slay queens are you listening, forget about searching for a financially stable man. This is how to land a man.

According to Dj Mo, his wife passed all the tests he put her through as she accepted the man Sammy Muraya and not the well off dude people knew him to be.

Here are social media reactions:

Andrea Bohnstedt…. I endorse this message.

Heso Dennis… Wickdestestestestestest Haiya !! Kumbe people actually do this ………. Us broke guys ukipata anayekupenda tosha !!
Ruto Kipkulei Lol

Katumbi Olive… So much cringe. Ugh.

Cindy Bonita Ogana …This straight after that internet dude, Andrew someone said, to be wife potential you should stay at home on Fridays. My question is, what about the men?

Ciru Muriuki …The men are busy setting and invigilating exams. LMAO.

Soraya Mugambi… This is satire, right? 😂😂

Francisca Macharia… Hallo does this happen at this time and with people who are more enlightened ?In shock .

Mo MomanyiBlog …Such a stupid article.

Nyambura Wa Kariuki…. Another sad thing is she has such a great come-up story. Poor kid with dreams who earned a performing arts scholarship to Hillcrest to eventually make it as a successful solo act. Anyone remember that ? Alafu akaoa and she becomes such a pale shadow of her former self. Anyhoo, there is also the Jaguar deal they’ve just signed so this is just another gimmick. Glad to see it is backfiring.

Tracy Chelagat Limo… She graduated cum laude apparently!

Muthoni Mbitiru…. Mediocre penis 😂😂😂😂

Lizz Njagah…. Dude, its truly a man’s world.. how is he even admitting to this with no shame.. smh.

Wahura Kanyoro…. KCWCE exams 😂😂😂

Stella Nasambu… Wah! I could write an entire paper on the types of patriarchy seen here and there would still be room for a second PHD.

Ciru Muriuki… I have died laughing. SIR WHERE IS YOUR EXAM? Ama we just give thanks that someone wants to marry us?

Silas Miami… I JUST shared it!
An exam??? Just so that you can eventually nestle, what I’m certain is, a mediocre penis and religious angst?
How can your aspirations be reduced to caring for a manchild who is so grown the government genuinely collects money from him every month? …
Ciru Muriuki And what kind of pick-me nonsense would have a woman actually PROUD of having sat and passed this exam? LOL. I once went on a date with a ninja that ate all of the food on the menu then handed me the bill. I paid because sitaki aibu…then blocked him. Maybe it was a test and I failed. See my life.

Damaris Muga…. Me am on River Road right now trying to acquire my KCWCE Certificate which I forgot here last week.

Silver Furaha Gaita… I’ve always thought of myself as an above average student who passes all exams.
It is so humbling to learn that there are these secret exams that I failed.