Man Crying

“Kosa kazi ujue tabia za mke wako.”

A woman is yours only if you have money, no woman will choose a poor man over a rich man, if money grew on trees, all women would be monkeys…” these are just some of the sayings used locally to describe the female species.

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Well, a stressed up man who recently lost his job has left many shocked after he revealed shocking details about his wife.

According to the man who was once the bread winner of his family, his wife has totally changed ever since he lost his job. She no longer calls him sweet names like sugar, honey, sweety as she used to before.


She has become a dragon in his house.

She looks down on him and he has been turned into a houseboy in his own house.

“Ever since I lost my job, my wife started giving me one piece of meat while she ate 2 or 4. The painful thing that hurts my ego is the fact that she eats it in front of me. This is a woman that used to give me up to 6 pieces of meat when I was still working but as soon as I lost my job she started treating me like a house boy.

Whenever I complain she will just raise her eye brows and look at me without a word, if I insist on talking about it, she will walk out on me. What should I do? Keep managing or leave the house? Does it mean she was married to me because of material things? I feel so bad as a man eating one piece of meat in my own house.”

Pesa zako ni znu wawili, za bibi ni zake pekee yake.

Here is what people had to say concerning this man’s situation

Steven: Oga find yourself a job. After that serve the meals yourself

Tabitha: You both are obviously money driven. Why will you be eating 6 pieces of meat even when you had money? You encouraged her actions unknowingly.

Mara: She is indirectly telling you to get up and find something doing that will bring in money. Have you noticed that she doesn’t say anything when you complain. Be thankful that she has not verbally abused you yet. Bro, go and find work and reclaim your pride as a man.

Manny: You better thank God for your life that you have something to eat. In this same country, we have people really suffering crying to God day and night for food and you’re complaining that you are jobless but yet you are fed. Thank God my brother and stop complaining!

Elsie: Very mean of her! SHE is a bad wife

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