Man crying

Depression is real.

Many people battle with depression but only a few who speak up or seek help.

Society assumes men are strong and can handle anything but they end up taking their own lives due to frustrations.

In most cases, depressed people commit suicide if no one reaches out to them.

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Comedian Zeddy asked men if they’ve ever battled with depression after losing jobs and how their loved ones treated them, and the answers were heartwrenching.

Kenyan men flooded her comment section sharing their sad stories and many ‘exposed’ their wives for not being supportive.

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Below are some of the touching stories as shared by Kenyan men, go through.

Karanja Warwathe Hapo ndio ile shida kubwa umewai sikia bibi anakuuliza mbona wewe sio kama wanaume wengine. Hadi morning akienda job anakuelezea from next month I don’t see the meaning of kupeleka mtoi daycare heri wewe ukae na yeye sababu hauna maana.

Dan Gikang’a Conjugal rights unapewa timetable.

Peter Ndirangu Ushawai enda kwako ukapata walipika, wakala na vyombo vikaoshwa? Ushawai zimiwa sitima ukiwa kwa bafu? Men go through alot.

Gera Yasir Gaiii yale matusi yanatolewa pale kwa iyo nyumba my friend utaanza mwenyewe kuosha vyombo na watoto ndo atleast uwe busy…..Zeddy are you related to Willian in anyway???

Dennis Snaiper Kudharauliwa. Its one of the hardest time kwa mwanaume bt I salute wanawake wale hustick na wazee wao.

Babake Ashley Ronoh I remember my wife then-girlfriend, I lost my job n hers’ by then couldn’t support to pay a one-bedroom house we were living in together with food and other essentials, friends left when I needed them the most. I was depressed to a point I opted to part ways with my wife, she told me to stick by her till I get a job then I’ll be free to leave. Good ppl still exist.

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Sammy Ole Mworia Let me not talk of a story of a man who was forced to seat at the boot on the floor children back seat her and her best friend fronts seats since she had bought the car herself. Tough ladies exist.

Muru Shi Most of the time because of what the society dictates that a man should be “a provider”. Men become too stressed due to this. If he is lucky he gets support from the wife. If not the wife gets an ego and attitude from there things start going “south” literally. 😑

Ismail Osemba Hata pekejeng unawekewa schedule…inauma sana😳😳

Ngee Abubakar As men we have got problems when we lose jobs women step away from us coz they look at us as burdens and problematic.

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