Kobi Kihara has taken the internet by storm.

Today she has been exposed for stealing pictures from other peoples pages and making them look like her own.

Most of the pictures on her page that deal with shoes are all taken from some page called the Simmi.com that has a collection of shoes.

What also made Kobi Kihara get some serious trolling today was the mention of her mother’s fridge. She posted a picture of some salad and said she made it. In fact, she put the recipe there and said she got some of the ingredients from her mothers fridge.

That statement created a challenge, the #kobikiharachallange where people are posting pictures that do not belong to them and captioning that either they are there or that they know the person they’ve posted.

In the process of this, one lady found the picture of a baby that Kobi Kihara had posted with the caption:

 Her name is Dream, she’s my new kabuddy🌸💕 #HarlemBaby #SooChute#AuntieNice #KobiWithAnEye

Kobi Kihara
Kobi Kihara

The baby she posted is a very beautiful baby, you know those Instagram babies who do not look real? Yes. So the lady who found the picture tagged the baby and that is when all hell broke loose. The images are available on social media.

#CopyKiharaChallenge! Bachelorette Kobi Kihara caught stealing content from Pinterest

Someone who manages the baby’s account and whose parents are from Vietnam came to Kobi Kihara’s comment section saying:

And please Aunty Kobi you need to tag us or you delete it #kobiwithaneye

Kobi had once answered Annabel Onyango’s comment where she asked:

Is she real??😍😍😍

Kobi had answered:

 She is! And all she does is smile! Like warm your heart smile…we met at a restaurant 🤗🤗🤗

Kobi Kihara
Kobi Kihara

Then the account manager said:

I never remember meeting her anywhere and thank you for tagging us. I want to know too which restaurant and in what town. Don’t know her and never even see her page till today

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