Kobi Kihara has definitely gone to seek greener pastures.

She left Kenya to go to New York, one of the world’s fashion hubs. She went there to learn more about the fashion world. If you follow her on social media, Kobi has some amazing fashion sense but she needed the papers to practice it in a more professional manner.

Kobi Kihara
Kobi Kihara

Most people who are usually away from home tend to spend a lot of time on social media to remind themselves of home: Going through social media and seeing what people are up to back at home sates your nostalgia.

Kobi Kihara has been going through the same thing. But it is not really helping her. Social media has been feeding her with nothing but negativity of late. From people fighting to Kenyan corruption being at its peak, she is done.

She decided the best move is to unfollow and block a lot of negativity and follow the right people.

Kobi Kihara took to social media with a rant saying:

Spending so much time alone has made me social media obsessed, so I’m weaning myself off little by little…I’ve realized I was investing in so much negativity😪 50cents beefing with Mayweather, Shaderoom being shady, Trump Supporters vs The World, Black men getting killed by cops for no reason, the latest thieving Kenyan politician and now ladies are being told to wash their men/sponsors so they can have a nice life, I Kent!! Lawdt! So I’ve used my block button and I’ve followed positive people/pages and it’s been so nice! My explore page is sooo positive! Don’t let negative energy sip into your psyche, it will affect your state of mind and eventually your personality 💕🌸🌸💕 #My2Cents#FollowPositive #ProtectYourMind#KobiWithAnEye

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