Kobe Bryant

Quinn Alexander Cook , an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, has decided to retire his jersey in memory of Gigi.

Quinn, who rocks jersey no 2, did that as Laker were retiring numbers 8 and 24 which were won by Kobe Bryant.

He had taken to his social media to mourn the death of Kobe as he was like a dad to him.

‘My hero man. I’m completely crushed. I haven’t cried this much or been in this much pain since I lost my dad in 2008.

Yesterday I lost my hero, my idol, & the main reason my love for this game is where it is today.

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Kobe Bryant

Can’t really process this but we all are devastated and heartbroken about what happened to my hero Kobe & his beautiful daughter Gianna.’


‘You taught us all so much on and off the court.

Anyone who knows me knows what Kobe means to me and to the entire world.

We need to give all of our energy and prayers to the Bryant family and all the families involved in the tragic event yesterday.

I will never get over this, I don’t know what’s going to happen going forward but one thing I know is that Kobe and Gianna are up there in heaven TOGETHER smiling down on us all.’

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Quinn further praised Kobe for the great efforts he put in being a dad.

‘You were the greatest I’ve ever seen on the court but you were an even better Father to all four of your daughters man.

Wow Bean I’m really writing this right now 💔💔.

I will cherish our relationship and everything you told me forever. We are already missing you Kobe and Gigi🙏🏽🙏🏽! RiP DAD!’

We will surely miss you Kobe.