Toxic relationships are on the increase and so are crimes of passion, so how can one know that they are in a toxic relationship?

The recent deaths of Joyce Syombua and Faith Wangui have proved that their relationships were toxic that led to a tragic end.

Below are the signs to look out for when trying to identify whether your relationship is toxic or not.

  1. Physical abuse.

The first sign to know you are in a toxic relationship is when your partner becomes physically abusive. This may either be at the beginning of the relationship or any other point.

  1. Emotional abuse.

Another sign that you are in a toxic relationship is when your partner is constantly abusing you emotionally.

This may be by denying you things such as food, sex, or other necessities so that you are distressed.

2.Verbal abuse.

This is among the most rampant abuses when your partner constantly tells you how ugly you are and how much you stink.

My sister those are signs that your relationship has turned toxic.

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Another obvious sign that you are in a toxic relationship is when you constantly have to deal with an obsessive partner.

Such partners want to know who you were with, where, when and why. When dating such a person you have no life of your own.


When you are in a toxic relationship your partner will constantly stalk you either at work, social media or any other avenue.

When you notice this run and never go back.


Toxic partners are manipulative, they will help you at some point so that they will use it against you.

E.g such a person will educate you so that you can marry them and when you do they will be like

‘It’s either you get married to me ama you return my cash.’

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