Reality star and former stripper Blac Chyna’s mother Toni Tokyo is breathing fire. The controversial mother, who has in the past been supportive of her daughter, has exposed the mother of two for disrespecting and degrading her.

Toni Tokyo with Blac Chyna

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According to the distraught mother, she did alot of things among them selling herself just to make sure Blac Chyna never lacked anything while growing up.

She called out the bootylicious mother, who’s currently dating an 18-year-old guy after parting ways with Rob Kardashian, asking her to apologize for whatever she has said about her and made her go through.

“This will be my last post on any of this talk. I don’t give a f**k that much trust me I’m Tokyo. Oh I’m going to continue to talk about this and viciously but not on this page is to open. I’m about to get down or old b***hes on my other page at least these b****es looked out for me and bought oil and a book!!!! “ I’m not hurt anymore over that sh*t!!!! “ Be careful with me”!!!!! I’m your mother remember that !!!!!!!!!! Call me a liar ! Knowing I’m far from a liar!! @blacchyna you lost your way bae!!!! You didn’t want to hear what I had to say that’s what caused this rift I don’t give a f**k what you talking about because your excuse will be played on your birthday. You talking about viral girl please little did you know my cameras was doing while you were talking they were already running. They just so happen to catch the juicy part of your conversation girlfriend.

You rage war against your mother. You call your mother a liar the same b***h that took 424 million people on because you wanted to f**k a Kardashian. I got nothing out of this 30 years f**ing with you other than dream and King!!!!!!! You mean to tell me you commented on the shade room like the rest of these nothing is b**hes do me that hate on me. Quick question are you jealous of me? Why are you never post anything I’m doing for my food drive? Why do you post your friends that are no longer around and don’t post your mother who is positive and that you know very well? Why would you allow your best friend to disrespect me knowing I would drag that pu**y giving up b***h for $30 through the parking lot.

Well guess what boo-boo I’m going to spill tea all of it from day one get ready bi**h why would you allow your best friend to disrespect me knowing I would drag that p**y giving up b***h for $30 through the parking lot. Well guess what boo-boo I’m going to spilled tea all of it from day one get ready b***h!! You have carried me for the last time do you understand me. You think you got a good God will snatch all that bulls**t from your dumba**. You have too many people around you and you’re mad at me because I tell you this will b***h f**k you keep them around you. Wait on it oh it’s coming now tha,” she posted.

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In the second series she cursed her daughter and here’s what she wrote:

“@blacchyna!!!!! You f***ed up now they see we are apart you big dumb b***h. I’ve never disrespected you now I have no respect for you. I mean literally none I’m disgusted with you as a mother!! Don’t worry baby 30 years ago in a few days I almost died having you. So your birthday would be my death date and you proved that true!! Don’t come back to me when you leave because I will no longer trust you you know your mother. I walk alone but yet you put all these people in front of me. Your friends you hang wit are pieces of sh*t they will send you to hell rob you and f**k your man and your woman. I never say anything because I’m a strong b***h and I hold my own as you can very well see. How dare you call me a liar when it’s obvious I haven’t seen these f***ing kids do you want to go in my DM b***h !! All this hate I get is because of your a** being your f***ing mother. I don’t give a f**k because I don’t give a f**k. How can you do all of this out of nowhere!!!You could’ve given me a call opposed to going online. What’s really going on? Who is really in your head? Who was really on the phone or standing there coaching you from what it sounded like to me.

You still have not called and apologize to me. I did nothing to you but love you raise you protect you and be your f***ing foot stool b***h. You have these yes b****es around you all motherf***ing day they don’t give a f**k about you it’s obvious dummy. I was moving to California b***h I wish I would f**k you. I had you bi*ch you did not have me. You mad that I look good, you mad that I have people around me that are positive and nit demons. You never help me with the food drive not one penny but I said you did To save your face. You are despicable as a child and I am very embarrassed and ashamed of you to be my f***ing daughter that I raised. To not give me credit do you know how many d*cks I had to suck b***h so you could eat. Do you know how many hoe strolls I had to go down b***h to make sure you was good for school and you f**k me like this no f**k you b**ch it’s coming I love catch my book it speaks the truth!!! My phone number is still the f***ing same!! “You are going to think like a ‘battleship’ 🤷🏾‍♀️”

In another post, she tells her daughter she’s doesn’t want her help claiming that she’s an independent woman. Toni also revealed that she has taken bullets for her daughter and trolled severally due to her bad behaviour.

“Happy Mother’s Day @blacchyna I did nothing to deserve this!! I have taken all the bumps they hit from the public for you but I can’t go retail therapy anything I shop at Walmart. I don’t ask you for nothing because I had my own Gucci Chanel Prada and Cindy but a made nothing to me and now it’s gone taken by the landlords in which you know the entire story. Did I ask you to get me another home? Did I ask you for furniture? Did I ask you for food? Did I ask you for money to wreak locate me? Yeah ask you to replace my clothes purses jewelry or anything? No I did not I am independent and you notice. I have to talk to you on online!!oh ok!! Well I am about to do an interview with whom ever for a check now. I’m pretty sure to be f***ing interesting however if you don’t want me to do an interview can you give me the f**k out the streets can I get $1000 today so that I can go on a mini vacation to breathe and get you the f**k off my mind of course not. I remember asking you for $20 not long ago and didn’t get a response. I remember telling you I was starving to death it felt like my stomach was going to fall to the floor and I never got a response. I told you I was stuck in the snow with no gas in my car I called you and no response. Then you text me with a word saying we have no beef no I have the receipts. Why would you text me no beef with the f**k was you talking about. Then you give me a call and tell me I’m cutting you off because…“ You went on my page and didn’t see Praise of you – you saw the truth of you!! You did not talk to me for a year. I spoke with you on the phone maybe 3 to 4 times otherwise I have to talk to you through your assistant what mother has to do that!! Me!! Don’t worry the first person they get $200,000 I’m coming through no love lost I got a move on with my f***ing life because I have no security or a backbone anymore although I’ve always been your rock and nail NOW you throw me into a pond with the fishes( Dead) !! At least you could’ve given me a consolation prize b***h now on land that sh*t and is more to come in my book oh you talking about a f***ing story wow @blacchyna!!! You dumb girl!You never crossed your mother for no one.”

Blac Chyna

The angry mother says she has not seen her two grandchildren for almost two year. She further told Blac Chyna not to attend her funeral if she dies.

“Do you only get one mother that’s it after she’s done. If I died tomorrow please do not come to my funeral I will make arrangements in my will l I don’t want you there!!!!!! I did everything for you possible under the sun it which you already know. While your cousins never had a birthday party the Shika Sean you did every year. You’ve always had your own bedroom and I might add a bathroom with it. You can’t get one person to back up what you said about me. You told your friends all these years there looking at me in a bad way thinking I did not take care of you I did not pay you any attention when you were in my life “ No longer” I will continue to pray for you each and every day simply because you are part of me but you are your father‘s child I just raced you and put you on this f***ing earth girl.

Mighty funny you never gave your father one grief about what he did not do but yet you come for my love my heart my feelings to sabotage it. You invite these females that you call sisters but you don’t invite your uncle is my brothers who would kill a Knigge for you without questions asked how dare you!! You put these little friends on your page to promote their business but have yet to do mine and steel I do not question you about it. You see I do all of this for the homeless and you never say let me call this place and get their broken items or discarded items that are still good but are a little worn or torn on the side. You’ve never introduce me to anybody that could further my career in management or promoting artist from where we are from the DMV. You never came back to your own city to give back! Right now I don’t even want you back because I’m angry disgusted hurt better and mad # pray for yourself!!!”

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