Diamond Platnumz

English is not easy. If you can’t speak it fluently, stick to your mother tongue.
Not even EngLuo ( a mixture of English and Dholuo) will make you look cool. Tanzanian sensational singer Abdul Nasibu commonly referred to as Diamond Platnumz is the latest celebrity to be shamed online for murdering the queen’s language.

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Diamond Platnumz posted a photo announcing his perfume’s entry into the market but the caption had errors.

“I feel incompleted when am on any outfit, without wearing @chibuperfume !….. @chibuperfume by Diamondplatnumz comming out this week!”

Instead of;

“I feel incomplete when am on any outfit, without wearing @chibuperfume !….. @chibuperfume by Diamondplatnumz coming out this week!


Many noticed the errors and even after he was attacked, 13 hours down the line, the Utanipenda hitmaker couldn’t see the mistakes. He still didn’t change.

Diamond Platnumz

The post attracted 8.7k likes, over 500 comments, and 225 shares. Diamond Platnumz fans came out to correct and mock him. They advised him to either take remedial classes or stick to Kiswahili; Tanzania’s national language.

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Here are some of the savage comments

Hassan:  Feeling incompleted!!!????????????????????? what the ***is this!!!!!??? ENGLISH WAS BORN IN ENGLAND, SUFFERED IN AMERICA, DIED IN INDIA THEN BURIED IN AFRICA.

Merrie: Your English though. Very poor. Hehe incompleted..yawah

Mercy: Incompleted????…when on what ?? RIP English????????????????. I can’t stay here seeing English get mutilated.

Dalmas: Hiyo perfume.., tukiitumia pia sisi tutakuwa kama wewe ama? Nmeenda kunywa chai narudi

Sean: Kizungu Enyewe Kilikuja Na Meli”I Feel Incompleted When Am on Any Outfit”…The Whole English Sentence Is Really Encouraging…Practice Makes Perfect Go Hard Diamond!!????

Hebron: Go back to school man. As I always tell you, Kenya hatukutambui ata kidogo.. Afadhali alikiba..

Eve: How the hell will you help your kids with their homework??? Wah! Tia bidii uwapeleke Montessori school, watakusaidia pia wewe ????????????????????????

This is not the first time. Diamond is known for speaking and writing broken English but many say that doesn’t matter. What matters alot is how much he is worth.