Kenyan TV Stations

Admittedly, Kenyans are not native speakers of the English language. Therefore, one would easily excuse us when we experience difficulties in expressing ourselves.

A good case in point is our local media houses who have proven time and time again that the Queen’s parlance is indeed a complex one.

If you are a regular social media user, I’m sure you have seen glaring typos on Kenyan TV stations and it’s hard to ignore them, however much one tries.

In some cases, it’s not necessarily about the language but about not getting facts right. For instance, a local TV station once referred to a legislator by the name of a popular brothel.

That being said, here are five instances Kenyan TV stations embarrassed themselves with poor English.

1. When you have sex before going to work and all you can think of is your bushy pubes.


2. When you didn’t go to college and try to mock those who did.


3. When you can’t tell the difference between a legislator and your favourite hang out joint.


4. When you come to work hungry and can’t stop thinking about food.


5. When the K24 editors are away and the ones from Kameme step in.


6. When your editor has a habit of typing while not looking.


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