What exactly is happening to the institution of marriage? Break-ups left, right and centre. It seems like a certain spell has been cast on celebrity marriages. They are falling down like ‘Black Hawk’.

5 Kenyan Celebrities Who Broke Up With Their Partners After Wedding

Just a day after Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt stole the global attention with their divorce news, another celebrity marriage, this time from Kenya, has bit the dust!

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Only 11 months after their posh wedding on October 22, 2015, popular Mombasa-based singer Susumila and his celebrity actress wife Kibibi Salim’s union is no more! According to sources, the couple separated early this month, after their marital differences pushed them over the roof.

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It has been claimed that Kibibi had “run away” from the Hidaya hit maker in July to give birth at her parents’ home. She has since given birth to a bouncing baby girl but she has never returned to her matrimonial home.

Speaking to a popular Coast-based blog, Kibibi confirmed that the two were no longer an item. However, she refused to reveal the reason behind their separation.