Willy Paul

Socialite Shakila has responded to Willy Paul after he dissed her. The 19-year-old socialite unleashed a list of celebs she claimed have bedded her.

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Responding to Shakilla, Willy Paul went ham on her and taking to Instagram, he wrote,

Yes, she’s a teenager but what’s underneath is 97yrs 😂Same size as an elephant’s!! Don’t mistake my silence for weakness!


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Speaking about her relationship with the former gospel, Shakilla told Mpasho,

‘I didn’t understand why he posted it. 2 months ago he slid in my DM and everything and now he is claiming that I and him were something.  I don’t understand him.’

Asked how she meets these celebs, Shakilla said,

Some look for me and others I look for them by myself.

Not so long ago, Willy Paul was exposed by another lady for sliding into her DM.

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